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Zine culture is cutting-edge, grass roots creativity at its finest. Welcome to the Fallyrag Zine Review pages.


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Wes White
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Attack!!!! is a zine comprising of creative writers, poets and illustrators. Edited and founded by Wes White, Attack!!!! is now in its eleventh issue and is becoming an important outlet and platform for the creatively-minded.


Wes’ love for the zine began some years ago with the compzine ‘Espylacopa’. Fuelled by the buzz and excitement of running a publication, this first foray into zine culture suffered from a lack of contact with working artists and consequently a regular stream of features. However, following his studies, Wes discovered his artistic circle had grown and with it, a wealth of material on which to draw.

Attack!!!! is a collaborative zine featuring writers and artists who respond to a previously published piece of creative work. Issue 11 begins with a poem by Andrew Murray:


Sometimes wood on wood can meet
And there is a curl of smoke
Born from the spinning heat.
Dust settles, gentle as a whisper,
An ember holds,
Catches and a fire grows.
Wood burns.


The pages that follow are direct responses to this poem. What Attack!!!! does it to create a ‘call-response’ sequence between artists on seeing eachother’s work - thus creating new work that otherwise wouldn’t exist.

Attack!!!! has understandably proved favourable in the press. Dazed and Confused magazine describe it as ‘Revered’ while Bypass claim it to be ‘engrossing and thought-provoking’.


To subscribe to Attack!!!! and find the latest of Wes’ new Two Heads collaboration project head to www.ecartilage.co.uk Website currently down due to a server problem, but should be be back up shortly. In the meantime, emails can be sent to Wes at dotdashdash.dashdash@gmail.com